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Getting Started With PSEncryptedData

When I was trying to figure out how my team or other dev teams could start using DSC I had a couple goals I wanted to try to achieve:

Highly privileged credentials will be required and must be securedSource control will be used to track changes and to automate buildsProvide both the admins and dev teams a way to bring their configurations together
These goals gave rise to a number of possible options, from simple to complex. If you have used DSC beyond a sample configuration then you know that eventually you need to use PSCredential in your configuration and that you can specify in your configuration how you want those PSCredential values encrypted at rest in the MOF file.

But how do you get those PSCredential objects into your configuration file if there is no human to provide input to Get-Credential? Sure you can use ConvertTo-SecureString -String 'secret' -AsPlainText -Force and if you can guarantee where you store the configuration script is secure then that may be fine.

Yo… In 2016 And Beyond

I have been neglecting this blog for nearly three years. PowerShell has changed a lot in three years from workflow to desired state configuration and classes. PowerShell is well on its way to becoming the must know language for the Microsoft automation platform. Even that may change as Microsoft continues to push into providing their frameworks and tools for non-Microsoft platforms PowerShell will be usable everywhere. But if you are still following this blog, you probably already know that so I digress...

Even though I haven't shared on this blog what I have been doing with PowerShell, I am still using it almost daily. Even as my job changed from a sysadmin/engineer to a solutions architect I still find myself using PowerShell to either analyze data or implement a proof-of-concept idea. I still evangelize to anyone that will listen the importance of automation and the capabilities PowerShell brings in this DevOps culture.

I will start sharing snippets of some of the work I have …